Men's Group

A weekly, open-ended therapy group for men wishing to address a variety of concerns such as: Relationships, Depression, Anxiety, Masculinity, Shame, Work/Family/Life Balance, and Self-Esteem.

This is a weekly, confidential space where you can come to receive support and explore something troubling you in ways that men aren't traditionally encouraged to do. In the context of a confidential environment, you will be supported and find new ways of addressing your concerns.

Leaders: Facilitated by Dr. Drew Benson, PhD, LP and Dr. Danny Elenz, PsyD. We bring an empathic, non-judgmental, and collaborative approach and have experience leading therapy groups at multiple university and community mental health settings. 


Details: Wednesday evenings (time TBD). $65 per session.

What men usually say when they hear about groups:

  • It would feel uncomfortable opening up to a group
  • I’m not comfortable with other men
  • I worry what others will think of me
  • Can I trust that what I say in the group stays in the group?

What Participants Appreciate About Men’s Group:

  • Learning they are not alone and other men experience similar problems
  • Unconditional support and acceptance
  • Learning to open up about problems
  • Receiving feedback
  • A sense of camaraderie with others who value self-awareness and
    personal growth
  • A safe place to express vulnerable emotions like sadness, loss, fear,
    anxiety, anger
  • A place to experiment with new behavior in response to life stressors
  • Learning skills to navigate personal, professional, relational, existential
  • Learning to listen better
  • Value hearing other men’s stories and struggles 

Contact us to sign up or refer.

Photo by Anna Vander Stel on Unsplash 

Men's Group

Wednesday Evenings
(time TBD)


Contact us to sign up or refer.

Meetings will be held at
516 Mission House Lane
New Brighton, MN 55112

Don't Be Like Batman. Join our Men's Group!

 By Danny Elenz, PsyD

Na na na na na na na na BATMAN! We all know the story of Batman… You can all hum the tune in your head (and probably will be for the rest of the day ... sorry!), imagine yourself doing all the cool stuff he does, and visualize the iconic black getup. Contentious hero of Gotham, for his duty to protect the people, Batman is a vigilante who soars through the night using his brute strength, tactical skill, and (awesome) gadgets to dispel the evil that has overcome the city. But it is only through his hidden identity and emotional sacrifices that Batman maintains his heroic stance and saves Gotham from its villains. A tortured soul deep down, Batman uses his pain for good, fighting crime to avenge the death of his parents and to live a meaningful life.

I’m definitely not a comic book expert or historian (although I do love the movies), but it’s clear that recent depictions of Batman showcase his masculine traits (his ability to defeat villains using physical strength, endurance, and weaponry) as confirmation of his heroic status. This so often happens in pop culture; stories like this teach us many lessons about how we are supposed to be in the world that often fly beneath our awareness. Dominant masculine themes reinforce patriarchy in our society and perpetuate hurtful and marginalizing themes. 

Batman’s exemplification of male-dominance through his strength, invisibility, and stoicism teaches us that men, in order to be loved, are supposed to be strong and invisible. Dominant masculine ideology is pervasive and can send mixed messages. According to Rabinowitz (2019), violation of gender role norms leads to social condemnation and negative psychological consequences, and men pay a steep emotional price. In addition, when boys are taught what it means to be boys, there are shame-oriented messages around “acting like a girl” that inhibit boys from being more emotionally expressive and facilitate misogyny.

At LeaderWise, we’ve noticed men wearing their own Batman masks. We see men crying out to ditch invisibility … to find new ways of responding to their pain … to confront these fake narratives society teaches us. This is why we are starting a Men’s Group.

LeaderWise staff psychologist, Drew Benson, and I are starting a Men’s Group to create space for male-identified individuals to explore their lives, process emotional concerns, discuss issues pertaining to masculinity, and support one another just as they are. This will be a weekly, confidential space where clients can come to develop their skills in managing their concerns by exploring their pain in ways that men aren’t “supposed” to. By doing this in a safe, respectful, and supportive space, our clients will create more individualized, flexible, and realistic versions of “masculinity.” 

What I love about Batman is that underneath his cool mask, he is human. He is complex like us, with a nuanced history filled with struggles and triumphs. However, his humanness also makes it that much more conceivable for us to aspire to seek this unattainable ideal. As cool as it is to imagine ourselves behind that mask or in Batman’s sweet lair planning our next move, we do not have to respond to the world like Batman. We can choose new, more authentic ways of relating to ourselves and others that work better for us. We hope you’ll consider how you or someone you know might be a good fit for our Men’s Group.


Illustration by Marcin Lukasik on Unsplash